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D Street Reconstruction Project
Project Name:
      D Street Reconstruction Project

Project Location:
      D Street from A Avenue West to 6th Avenue West

Project Description:
  • New 38 foot wide concrete street (includes 12 foot wide median) from A Avenue West to 2nd Avenue West.  New 26 foot wide concrete street (no median) from 2nd Avenue West to 6th Avenue West.
  • Sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main improvements.
  • New traffic signals at the intersection of D Street and A Avenue.
  • Underground electric relocation from A Ave to 309 South D Street.
  • New Street lighting and poles from A Ave to 2nd Ave.
  • Install a 10 foot wide shared use path along the east side of D Street.
  • Upgrade all sidewalk ramps to meet current ADA accessibility standards.
  • Construction scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018.

Project Benefits:
This benefits of this project include new concrete street pavement, sanitary and storm sewer improvements, water service improvements, and ADA accessible sidewalk and ramps.  In addition, a street median from A Avenue to 2nd Avenue and a 10 foot wide shared use path along the east side of the street will be constructed. 

Project Status:
This project is currently on winter shutdown with the pavement portion having been completed.  Work will continue in the Spring 2019 with landscaping and seeding.  South D Street is now open. 

The City Council, at their meeting on April 16,2018, awarded the construction contract to Dave Schmitt Construction Co. in the total amount of $2,920,902.14.  This project includes the construction of a median from A Avenue West to 2nd Avenue West and a 10 foot wide shared use path along the east side of the street.  This project is partially funded by Surface Transportation Program (STP) with the Iowa DOT 80/20 matching fund grant.  Therefore, the City will be responsible for 20% of the eligible project costs.  Additional costs not covered by the grant will be incurred for the traffic signal upgrade, water main improvements, underground electric relocation, new street lighting, and easements.  

Plans for this project can be found below:

S D Street Reconstruction Plans

Estimated Project Costs:
Design & Inspection:                     $335,492.80 (City pays 20% @ $67,098.56 and Iowa DOT pays 80% @ $268,394.24))
Construction:                           $2,506,528.12 (City pays 20% @ $501,305.62 and Iowa DOT's pays 80% @$2,273616.74)
Underground Electric Relocation: $160,000.00 (City's share is 100%)
Street Lighting:                              $159,000.00 (City's share is 100%)
Traffic Signals:                              $175,436.63 (City's share is 100%)
Water Main Improvements:           $250,000.00 (Water Department's share)
Misc. (Easements, etc.)                $13,885.00 (City's share is 100%)
Total Project Cost                    $3,710,192.54             

Total City Share:                      $1,092,725.81

Design Phase Start Date:
Design Phase End Date (Estimated):
Construction Phase Start Date:
Construction Phase End Date (Estimated):

Project Completion (Estimated):

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Public Works Department at (641) 673-7472.

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