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Application for Advisory Committee for Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Code Update

  1. City of Oskaloosa Iowa
    Development Services Department
    220 South Market Street
    Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
    P:641.673.7472 F:641.673.3733
  2. We appreciate your interest and welcome your application. Please complete all sections and if you have questions, please contact Shawn Christ at 641.673.9431 or by email at
  3. Do you reside in, or within 2 miles of, Oskaloosa city limits?*
  4. Do you own property in, or within 2 miles of, Oskaloosa city limits?*
  5. What is your general availability?*
  6. How did you hear about the Advisory Committee?*
  7. Thank you for your application.
    Appointments will be consistent with Iowa House File 243 for Gender Balancing of boards, committees, and commissions.
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