What is the benefit for Mahaska County?

By constructing a new regional airport, the tax base will increase total revenue for the county government. A larger tax base revenue means the county can provide better services, such as maintaining roads. Costs are constantly rising for these services, and the local governments need to find additional funding sources to pay for these services.

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1. Will my taxes go up because of the new airport?
2. Is the 28E agreement between the City of Pella and the City of Oskaloosa a legal agreement?
3. Why is the city annexing land owned by SCRAA?
4. Is the city utilizing eminent domain?
5. Will the airport stop the use of the surrounding farm land?
6. What is the benefit of this project?
7. What is the benefit for Mahaska County?
8. Oskaloosa already has an airport, why build a new one?
9. How do we know that we will benefit from a new aiport?
10. Other cities have built airports and have not seen significant growth; how are we different?
11. How will the airport be utilized and who will use it?
12. How long has the regional airport concept been apart of the City's long-term plan for economic growth.