What is considered a “vacant building”?

In summary, any building which is unoccupied, or if no person resides in the building or operates a lawful business open regularly for business.  A building will also be considered vacant if it is unsecured, declared unfit for occupancy, a dangerous or dilapidated building, subject to health or safety violations, or lacks one or more utilities for 180 consecutive days.  Storage of items or property does not constitute occupancy unless authorized by the Oskaloosa zoning ordinance.  Please refer to chapter 15.34 of the Oskaloosa Municipal Code for a full description. 

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1. Why did the city adopt the vacant buildings code?
2. Do I need to register my building?
3. How much does this cost?
4. What is considered a “vacant building”?
5. What is considered “unoccupied”?
6. What do I need to provide with registration?
7. What is the deadline to register my building?
8. What if I have more than one building on my property?
9. Must I register if my building is partially vacant?
10. If I use my building for storage, do I need to register it?
11. Do I need to register my vacant lot?
12. Are there any exemptions?
13. How long is my registration valid?
14. Can I get a refund if my vacant building later becomes occupied or is sold?
15. What is the penalty for not registering my building?
16. What are the standards for vacant building inspections?
17. Am I required to occupy my vacant building?
18. I received a letter from the city but my building is not vacant. What do I do?
19. Can I file an appeal?