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Posted on: June 9, 2021

Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Update Advisory Committee

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Call for Applicants

Over the next 2 years, the City of Oskaloosa will prepare an update to its Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code. While the Planning & Zoning Commission has official review responsibilities and the City Council maintains decision-making authority on the Comprehensive Plan, input from a community-based Advisory Committee is desired to ensure that a range of public perspectives are factored into the City’s long-term vision and implementation priorities. The Comprehensive Plan provides policy guidance and sets priorities regarding land development and also provision of city services, public infrastructure, and amenities. Its scope is citywide and long-term. As such, the Advisory Committee will be asked to contribute a balanced and open perspective in considering a wide range of needs and wants in the context of restrained resources. This Advisory Committee is a time-specific, project-specific group charged with providing community perspective and insights on the policies and priorities embodied in drafts of the Comprehensive Plan. The Advisory Committee is anticipated to convene for a period of approximately 24 months beginning in July 2021.

Advisory Committee Work

The Advisory Committee is tasked with providing input to assist staff in preparation of a new Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code, relevant to:

  1. Local, regional, national/global trends and their implications for Oskaloosa over the next 20 years.
  2. Citywide visions and goals.
  3. Implementation priorities related to required plan elements (e.g., land use, transportation, public services, parks and greenways, housing and neighborhoods, etc.).
  4. Implementation priorities and revisions to adopted zoning and land use codes.
  5. Land use classification and map revisions for existing neighborhoods and future development areas and scenarios within and around Oskaloosa.

Advisory Committee meetings will be open to the public, however, the meetings are work sessions, not public hearings.

Advisory Committee Composition and Time Line

The Advisory Committee will consist of up to 12 individuals, including one City Council member and two Planning & Zoning Commissioners.  Most members will be appointed community representatives.  Representatives may also serve on other city advisory boards as long as no more than half of the Advisory Committee consists of elected and appointed city officials. Final selection of community representatives should aim to meet a broad representation of occupations, skills, and backgrounds.

Anticipated timeline

  • Call for applicants: June 2021
  • Deadline for applications: July 9, 2021.  Will remain open until filled.
  • Selection of representatives: July 16, 2021 (tentative)
  • First committee meeting: July or August 2021 (specific date/time TBD)

Commitment of Advisory Committee Members

Committee members will be expected to become knowledgeable about the project and its scope; listen to the ideas of others; express their points of view while working toward consensus; and contribute to the development of feedback that will assist staff in preparing the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code update.  There will generally be 2-3 hours per month for meetings, plus additional time for meeting preparation and electronic communication outside of meetings. Members will work as volunteers, without pay, and are expected to:

  1. Commit to attending a minimum of 75% of the 12-15 anticipated Advisory Committee meetings between July 2021 and July 2022.  Some may be invited to continue an additional 8 to 10 months to participate in the zoning code update.
  2. Have email access.
  3. Prepare for meetings by reading/reviewing meeting materials in advance and responding to requests for input.

Meetings are expected to take place in the afternoon to early evening, depending on availability. Meetings will generally be organized to allow review and input on all major elements of the full Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code over the course of the project. In-person meetings will typically be held at Oskaloosa City Hall or the Oskaloosa Public Library, however, other venues may be used if deemed beneficial and appropriate.  Some meetings may also be held electronically.

Resources Provided

A professional planning consultant and city staff will provide information, guidance, and administrative support for meetings.  Specialized supplies and meeting equipment will also be provided. Committee members should provide their own writing pads, pens/pencils/highlighters, or other personal aids for taking notes or participating in the conversation.  Members may also bring their own snacks and drinks.

Completion Date (Advisory Committee dissolves)

It is anticipated that the work of the Advisory Committee will be completed by May-July 2023, or sooner, upon providing input on the draft Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code.  The Advisory Committee will be dissolved after its final meeting.  The name of each committee member will be acknowledged and included in the final Comprehensive Plan document.

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