Storm Water

Oskaloosa Stormwater Master Plan

The City of Oskaloosa is updating the Stormwater Master Plan to identify the current stormwater needs of our community and prepare and plan for future projects. The development of this plan will consist of identifying problems, developing capital improvement plans, assessing operations and maintenance activities and staffing needs, determining equitable stormwater utility rates for property owners, and planning for future updates to the Stormwater Master Plan. 

Community involvement and feedback are critical to understanding the stormwater needs that exist.  In addition to your input, we will be reviewing existing data, collecting additional data in the field, and building a computer model of the stormwater network.

Once we have identified the issues, we will continue to develop a capital improvement plan to address the City’s stormwater needs. Projects in this plan may include detention, rain gardens or permeable pavement to reduce runoff and peak flows entering the system which can lessen the need for larger and more costly infrastructure. Additional projects may include conveyance and maintenance improvements.

Project development will include a computer model to evaluate the combinations of strategies to best meet the City’s goals at the lowest capital and maintenance cost. Due to the anticipated extent of future work, prioritization of these projects will need to be considered. A fair and equitable approach to how projects are prioritized will be developed. Public engagement throughout this plan’s development is critical and a future public information meeting will be held to present the plan, process, prioritization, and implementation prior to its adoption.

Additional plan components will assess the cost of ongoing maintenance and operation of the stormwater infrastructure, staff training and needs to implement the plan, and evaluate the rate structure to provide sustainable funding for the full cost of stormwater services provided.

Please continue to follow the City’s website for future updates on the Stormwater Master Plan.

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