In order to prolong the life of Oskaloosa streets, the Streets Division fills potholes, replaces damaged concrete panels, chip seals (also called seal coat) certain streets, and performs crack sealing. These street improvements are completed by city staff and are separate from capital improvement projects. Capital improvement projects are approved and budgeted by City Council and typically bid out to local contractors.

Chip Seal (Seal Coat) 

Every year the City chip seals approximately 50 blocks of Oskaloosa streets. This process consists of spraying asphalt emulsion road oil on a compacted street base, and then immediately applying limestone chips or pea gravel aggregate over the oil. The aggregate is then compacted and rolled into the oil as soon as possible to ensure the adhesion of the aggregate to the oil binder, which creates the pavement surface. The benefits of this process include helping to prevent water from penetrating the road structure, sealing cracks, and providing a skid resistant road surface. It is also one of the most cost effective street resurfacing options available. A map and list of the roads which are planned to be chip sealed this year and a map of which were chip sealed last year can be found on the links below.

2020 Planned Chip Seal Street Improvements List (PDF)

2020 Planned Chip Seal Street Improvements Map (PDF)

2019 Completed Chip Seal Street Improvements Map (PDF)

Street Sweeping

The Streets Division also performs street sweeping during two seasons every year. In the spring, sweeping is done in order to pick up the accumulated sand from winter snow and ice operations and again in the fall after trees have shed most of their leaves. The city has one street sweeping machine which typically runs early in the morning while traffic volume is still low.

Road Closures

Roads are sometimes closed for construction or for events. A list of current and upcoming road closures can be found below.

Road Closures

Updated 1-3-2020