Wastewater Treatment New Force Main Construction

General Area

Various locations running generally near to the south and eastern city limits.

Project Description

The City of Oskaloosa is currently planning for reconstruction at the Northeast and Southwest Wastewater Treatment Facilities. In order to facilitate the construction of a new combined facility at the location of the currently Northeast Treatment Facility, the city will need to construct new sanitary sewer force main and gravity main connecting the two existing plant locations. The plans for the project are still preliminary, and the current development plans can be seen below.

Preliminary Construction Plans (PDF)

Project Locations

Work will be performed at various locations along the route between the Northeast and Southwest Wastewater Treatment Facilities. View the location map below for detailed locations for projects.

Location Map (PDF)

Project Benefits

This project will benefit the City by facilitating the construction of the new wastewater treatment facility.

Project Status

This project is in the preliminary planning phase, and design is currently around 30% complete.

Construction Start Date

Spring 2025

Construction End Date

May 2027

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Public Works Department at (641) 673-7472.