Vacant Buildings

In an effort to ensure the safety and quality of Oskaloosa neighborhoods, the City has adopted a new Vacant Buildings Registration Program. The Program is administered by the Development Services Department. Important information about the program is provided below.


Any vacant building or partially vacant building within Oskaloosa's City limits must be registered with the City. Property owner(s) or an owner's representative must register vacant buildings on an annual basis or if there is a change in property ownership. The registration fee is $100 per building, per year. Unregistered vacant buildings may face a penalty ranging from an unregistered property fee to a municipal infraction or pursuit of title to the property pursuant to Iowa Code §657A.1OB.

The Vacant Buildings Registration Form (PDF) and annual fee payment must be submitted in-person or by mail to the Development Services Department at Oskaloosa City Hall, 220 S. Market Street.


All vacant buildings will have the exterior inspected annually and must meet the requirements outlined in the Vacant Buildings Registration Checklist (pdf).  Interiors of commercial buildings will be inspected separately by the fire department.

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  1. Camden Barber

    Administrative Assistant

  2. Shawn Christ, AICP, CFM

    Development Services Director

  3. Adam Eklofe

    Building Inspector

  4. Zack Myers


  5. Scott Vaughan

    Fire Chief