TSIP-IA 92/A Ave & US 63/Market St Corridor 3-Lane Conversion Project

Project Name:

TSIP-IA 92/A Avenue corridor and US 63/Market Street corridor 3-Lane Conversion and C Avenue Traffic Signal Installation Project

Project Locations:

IA 92/ A Avenue from Highway 432 to the east corporate limits, and on Highway 63/Market Street from 350 feet south of 16th Avenue to 2nd Avenue. Intersection of Highway 63/Market Street and C Avenue.

Project Plans

Project Description:

  • The scope of work on this project includes the conversion from the existing 2 or 4-lane roads to 3-lane roads on Highway 92/A Avenue and Highway 63/Market Street.  The majority of work on this project involves pavement markings along with adjustments to signal heads.  This project also includes a new traffic signal at Highway 63/Market Street and C Avenue.  This project is divided into 3 divisions: Division 1 includes all work associated with pavement reconstruction and includes $500,000 in funding from the IDOT TSIP (Traffic Safety Improvement Program), Division 2 includes C Avenue traffic signalization and includes $139,000 in funding from the IDOT TSIP, and Division 3 includes traffic signal installation with the city solely responsible for these costs.  

Project Benefits:

  • These improvements are a part of improvements based on a study thru the Iowa Department of Transportation with the Traffic Safety Improvement Program.  The 3-lane conversion will improve safety and efficiency on these corridors, minimize traffic delays and congestion, and allow for future planning.

Project Status:

This project was awarded at the Oskaloosa City Council meeting December 6, 2021, to Minturn, Inc.  Due to material shortages/delays this project is anticipated to start August 8th. This project has a total of 60 working days.

Project Cost Summary:

Division 1: Total $731,891.50 = $500,000 (IDOT TSIP), $231,891.50 (City)

Division 2: Total $155,860 = $139,000 (IDOT TSIP), $16,860 (City)

Division 3: Total $67,085 = $67,085 (City)

Contingency - Total $87,252.30 (City)

Cost of Project: Total $1,042,088.80 = $639,000 (IDOT TSIP), $403,088.80 (City, including contingency)

Construction Start Date

August 8, 2022

Construction End Date

November 30, 2022

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Public Works Department at (641) 673-7472.