5th Avenue West Sanitary and Water Improvements

Project Name

5th Avenue West & South F Street Sewer and Water Improvements Project

General Area

5th Avenue West from South D Street to South F Street and South F Street from 4th Avenue West to South E Street

Project Description

The City of Oskaloosa has determined that improvements are needed to the Sanitary Sewer System in the vicinity of 5th Avenue West between South D Street and South F Street. The project includes replacing the existing sanitary sewer pipe and related pavement and water main work. The plans for the project can be seen below.

Construction Plans (PDF)

Project Benefits

Residents currently using sanitary and water services in these areas will benefit directly as a result of this project. This project will also reduce the inflow and infiltration of excess water into wastewater treatment facilities, which will reduce long-term operating and maintenance costs.

Project Status

Construction has started on June 14th with water main work along 4th Avenue East.

This project was awarded by the Council to Drish Construction, Inc. on March 15th for a total project amount of $936,988

An electronic Public Meeting was held on April 22nd, 2021 at 6:00 pm regarding this project. Interested parties can listen to a recording of the meeting using this link

Construction Start Date

June 14, 2021

Construction End Date

October 3, 2022

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Public Works Department at (641) 673-7472.