Oskaloosa Creative Placemaking


Creative Placemaking is a public planning process which builds on prior successes to address community challenges.  On May 21, 2018, the city of Oskaloosa entered into an agreement with McClure Engineering Company for consultation services for the Oskaloosa Placemaking project.  The project team held a series of public visioning sessions, onsite meetings, performed outreach, and completed stakeholder interviews.  A steering committee was formed to assess key themes received from the public, develop goals, and form action recommendations.  The results and final recommendations were presented to the City Council and accepted on April 15, 2019.

Project Overview

The Action Plan is available at https://oskaloosaplacemaking.com/.  The plan contains six (6) key themes and a total of 12 goals within those themes.  A subcommittee has been formed to pursue each goal within the plan.   Subcommittees work at their own discretion and their efforts are reported back to the steering committee.  The steering committee meets monthly at City Hall to review progress and offer guidance to the subcommittees.  The links below include an annual summary of subcommittee progress or activities toward each theme and goal since the action plan was accepted.