Special Events

Hosting special events in our community helps create a sense of belonging and community pride. City staff is available to help guide individuals and organizations through the special event process. All reservations for special events, such as festivals, runs/walks, parades, block parties, farmers markets, and citywide celebrations that occur on public property, including, but not limited to parks, streets, and/or sidewalks, are initiated with the City.

A Special Event Permit is the official document authorizing an event on city property. To obtain a Special Event Permit, applicants must submit a completed Special Event Permit Application

To ensure approval, event organizers are encouraged to review the city calendar to see if there are other events occurring on a specific date, and to apply as early as possible. Allow additional time if merchandise, food, or alcohol will be for sale as additional permits, licenses, or insurance may be required. 

Following is a short overview of the process, with more details further below. Please be sure to review all content to help ensure a smooth application and approval process.

Please Note: Events held on property not owned by the City such as private parties or weddings, fund raisers, and other events that do not include the sale of merchandise food, or alcohol normally do not require permits. An exception may be a Noise Exemption Permit.

 Permit Application and Process

  1. Review "Fees and Permits" and "A Few Details to Consider" information below, as well as links to other information included at the top left.
  2. Be prepared with the following information: date, time, contact information including a valid email address; event description; information regarding equipment, signs, decorations, lighting, tents, concessions, or other structures or objects; listing and/or maps of any streets that would need to be closed; liability insurance certificates (if needed).
  3. Complete the application, upload any supporting documentation (certificate of insurance, maps, etc.) then choose "Submit and Print a Copy" to retain a record of the request. 
  4. Once received, the application review process will begin. The applicant will be contacted regarding approval or to provide further information.
  5. Submission of a Special Event Permit Application does not guarantee the date, location, or automatic approval of an event.

Fees and Permits

Following is an overview of fees and permits that may apply to an event. Upon the applicant’s agreement to pay the associated fees, the event coordination and permit process will begin. 

Temporary Street Closure $25Right-Of-Way Permit will be issued by the City.
Sale of merchandise, food, or alcoholN/A

One of the following may apply to you or vendors attending your event:

1.  Peddler, Solicitor, and Transient Merchant Permit Application needed. See link at left, access the Police Department's web page or call 641.673.3201 for more information   

2. Alcohol License: See link at left to contact the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division to apply (www.abd.iowa.gov)

Noise Exemption PermitN/ASeparate application required; see link at left, access the Police Department's web page, or call 641.673.3201 for more information

A Few Details to Consider

  1. City of Oskaloosa and Chamber of Commerce sponsored events will take priority over other requests.
  2. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Unless stated on the application form, it will be understood that the event is not a benefit function, no admission will be charged, and no tickets will be sold.
  4. Some events, such as those where alcohol is served or large crowds are anticipated, will require the applicant to secure general liability insurance, including liquor liability if applicable. Minimum coverage limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate will be required for these events. Applicant is required to provide a certificate of insurance documenting the coverage and listing the City of Oskaloosa as a Certificate Holder.
  5. The applicant is responsible for cleaning the event area, disposing of waste/trash and returning the area to a condition similar to that prior to use. Avoid using tacks, staples, nails, and screws. If tape is needed, please use blue painter’s tape and remove at the end of the event.
  6. Questions? Call 641.673.9341, ext. 5004 or email city@oskaloosaiowa.org.