Tall Grass

Warm weather and summer rains cause grass to grow quickly. The Oskaloosa Fire Department would like to remind property owners about the Oskaloosa Municipal Code regarding tall grass and weeds.

Oskaloosa Municipal Code 8.20.040 reads as follows;

Owners, agents or occupants of all lots or parcels of ground within the city shall cut,or cause to be cut, all weeds or grass on their respective premises to a height not to exceed eight inches after the city has provided three calendar days written notice to the owners, agents or occupants of the property. Notice shall be given by posting written notice upon the property. The notice shall start the day the property is posted. In case this section is not complied within three days after notification as provided above, the city manager or his designee may cause such weeds or grass to be cut.

Please do your part to keep Oskaloosa beautiful.

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