Site Plan Review

The site plan/development review process assures that the design and location of commercial and industrial areas will be in conformance with applicable zoning standards, are in harmony with existing and future development, and follow generally-accepted principles of commercial, industrial, and urban design.

This process applies to all new development and also the redevelopment, enlargement or extension, or change to more intensive use type of more than twenty-five (25) percent of commercial or industrial uses and structures, and residential structures containing five or more dwelling units. (Sec. 17.34.020). Submittal deadlines and meeting dates may be found in the development review schedule (link below).

Procedure in summary:

  • Submittal of application, fee, and detailed site plan showing the proposed use and development;
  • City staff review;
  • Plan revisions and resubmittal;
  • Planning & Zoning Commission review and recommendation for approval or disapproval; and
  • City Council review of recommendation and decision.

Applicable documents: