Leash Law

A Leash Is Required at All Times

All pets, regardless of age, must be leashed at all times unless confined by a tether at least 12 feet in length or within the owner’s enclosed property. If the owner is present and supervising the animal on the owner’s premises an exception to the leash law is made.

Pets must not be tied and left unattended when off the owner’s property and an animal leash cannot exceed six (6) feet in length. Unleashed pets accompanied by their owner while jogging, cycling, visiting parks, or anywhere on public property are in violation of the law. Pets are not to be tethered to public property.

Impounded Pets

If the pet strays, it can be impounded and the owner or keeper can be cited for having an animal at large. The citation is a summons to Court with the punishment and/or fine determined by the judge. A pet that is impounded is not being punished - it’s being protected.

Animals that are impounded in Oskaloosa are taken to Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter. The Shelter charges an impound fee for all animals.

For More Information

The Stephen Memorial Shelter is located at 1716 Pella Avenue, Oskaloosa, IA 52577. To speak with staff at the shelter, call (641) 673-3991 and press "1" for the operator while the recording is played, or review Chapter 6.04, Animal Control in the City Code.