Impounded Pets

Animal Control Officers are authorized to issue summonses and/or impound animals loose and at large. Tagged pets or their known owners will be notified of the impounding. Impounded pets can be reclaimed at the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter at 1716 Pella Avenue, Oskaloosa, IA 52577.

If the owner fails to reclaim the pet within 24 hours after the impounding, board fees will be assessed at $15 per day, plus an additional one time $15 "trip fee" if an Animal Control Officer impounds the pet. The shelter charges an impound fee for all animals.

Rabies Vaccination Required

Proof of current rabies vaccination must be shown or the owner will be required to make an appointment with a local veterinarian to set-up an appointment for rabies vaccination.

Failure to Reclaim

If an owner fails to reclaim an animal or cannot be located within seven days, all rights to the animal will be forfeited. The animal may be put up for adoption, transferred, or euthanized. In addition, every citizen has the right to pick up a stray animal and have it impounded by the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter or their Animal Control Officers.