Severe Weather Information

Storm Warning Siren Policy

To sign up for severe weather alerts visit Mahaska County Emergency Management website.

The outdoor warning sirens will be activated for either of the following circumstances:

  • The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Mahaska County and the tornado is headed in the direction that would likely affect the City of Oskaloosa.
  • If a trained spotter(s) indicates to the 911 Center that a severe thunderstorm contains damaging winds and/or hail, he or she can order the sirens activated.

If you hear the storm sirens, severe weather is likely heading to the Oskaloosa area. If you are inside take shelter in the lowest level of the building. The safest place is under the stairs or in an interior room away from windows. If you are outside take shelter in the nearest accessible building. Do not stay in your car.

The storm sirens are tested the first Monday of each month between April and September, weather permitting. These tests need to be done to insure the storm sirens are going to activate during severe weather. Maintenance is performed on the sirens if they do not activate during these tests.