Infrastructure Improvement Projects


Street, sidewalk, stormwater, and public sewer improvement projects are ongoing within the City of Oskaloosa. These capital improvement projects are budgeted through road improvement funds, tax revenues, and/or user fees. At the beginning of each year, the Public Works Department prioritizes the City’s infrastructure needs and prepares a plan for review by the City Council. Once approved, projects are typically designed, bid out to, and completed by local contractors. Whether in the design, construction, or clean-up phases, the City is continually improving its infrastructure for the benefit of public health and safety.

In addition to capital improvement projects, the City has a pavement maintenance program through which road work is completed each year based on budgeting through federal funds and City tax revenues. These projects improve the driving condition of roads.

Current Road Closures

Projects Completed Within the Past Year:

  • D Street Reconstruction Project 02/01/2021
  • Lacey Roadway Improvements Project 11/16/2020
  • A Avenue Pavement Repairs
  • 2019 Sidewalk Improvements-Active Transportation Plan (A Ave East from 11th St to 330’ E)-03/24/2020
  • 6th Street Curb and Gutter Replacement Project - Phase 1 -03/20/2020
  • Pedestrian Signal Head Upgrades for traffic signals along Market Street-03/06/2020
  • 6th Street Curb and Gutter Replacement Project - Phase 2-7/20/2020
  • North H Street and G Avenue West Pavement Project-6/15/2020
  • North C Street and C Avenue West Pavement Project-9/11/2020
  • 3rd Avenue East (South 11th Street to Hwy 23) Pavement Rehabilitation Project-11/16/2020
  • North 3rd Street and A Avenue East Southerly Approach Repair Project-11/06/2020
  • 2019 Phase 3 Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project-12/21/2020

Projects Under Construction:

Projects Out for Bid:

  • North-South Alley north of High Ave West between South E and South F Street

Upcoming Projects:

  • 2021 Sidewalk Improvements-Active Transportation Plan (Edmundson Drive from Park entrance to 11th Ave West)

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Updated 02-26-2021