Tom Walling

WallingJPG Optimized.jpgYear Elected to Office and Number of Terms Served

Walling was elected in the fall of 2009 and took office in January 2010. He is serving his third term as a City Council member.

Education and Background

With the exception of just one year, Walling has lived in Oskaloosa his entire life. His education includes DMACC and William Penn (College) University.

Place of Employment

After 47 years with Cunningham, Inc., Tom recently retired his position as senior vice president of the service division,

Current Involvement in Community Activities and Organizations

Walling serves on Oskaloosa’s 911 Board, Public Safety Committee, and Public Projects Committee. Outside of his city responsibilities, Walling attends Lifehouse Community Church.

Reason for Running for Public Office

Walling is one of seven generations who have lived and worked in Oskaloosa and is very proud of his hometown. He wants to support people in town who feel the same way and are willing to get involved and support projects which have and will have an impact on Oskaloosa’s future. An example of that support is the Highway 63 project. Walling also feels it is important to keep regulation down whenever possible.

Decision or Action of Which Most Proud

Oskaloosa entered into a lease agreement for the municipal golf course in October 2011 which reduced the financial risk of operations, and Walling is proud of this decision. He is also supportive of the regional airport and the Highway 63 project.

Additional Involvement and Special Areas of Interest

Walling is very supportive of the philosophy of searching for ways to consolidate and share services between governmental entities to assure all government can run as efficiently as possible. To achieve this he says it takes very transparent communication from all facets of government. He feels there has been success of this happening, but there are many more areas to explore. Walling is very supportive of government officials at all levels who have the same goal.

Family Members

Walling and his wife, Deborah, married in 1973.