Requesting Records & Information

Public Records -- Online

Public records online (council minutes and resolutions) can be viewed via the Radix log in website.

To enter the Radix site

  • Entity ID: 4121
  • User Name: PUBLIC
  • Password: Public
  • Click the "LOGIN" button

Public Records -- Hard Copy

The City of Oskaloosa maintains open and accessible records. We attempt to fulfill every request for public information as quickly as possible and within the requirements of the State of Iowa.

Request Procedure (PDF)

To request copies of public records (PDF) an individual must submit a completed request for public records form (PDF) to the city clerk's office located at 220 South Market Street.

City staff will search for the relevant records, which will be made available for review. Fees may be charged based on the actual cost of providing the requested record(s). Those requesting a record to which a fee would apply will be informed up front of any fee to be charged. The city will meet requests in the most economical fashion possible.

Prohibited Records

Records that are prohibited from disclosure under the State of Iowa code cannot be made available to the public. The city also may withhold certain private and / or financial information about individuals that will not be released without that individual's consent.