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The City of Oskaloosa utilizes the online services of Municode to provide online access to the city's municipal code. The online version of the municipal code is not the official version and is only provided for quick reference. The only official version is available through the City Clerk's Office located at 220 South Market Street, Oskaloosa, IA 52577.

Code of Ordinances

Oskaloosa code of ordinances

2023 Oskaloosa Charter Amendment

Why did the City decide to remove the initiative and referendum process from its charter?

Since the City of Oskaloosa adopted its home rule charter in 1992, there have been significant developments in Iowa case law.

The attorney general has articulated in at least two separate opinions that the referendum and initiative process was an unconstitutional delegation of authority by a city council.

In a major court case against the City of Iowa City, the court stated that only the form of government could be in a charter and not administrative or day-to-day operations of the City.

This court action prompted the City of Oskaloosa to question whether the referendum initiative provisions in Article 6 constitute a “form of government” or whether they are administrative in nature on how the City does its business, rendering the limits contained in Article 6 regarding what can and cannot be the subject of a referendum completely unnecessary.

The city council then passed an ordinance amending its charter to remove the questionable section and ensure the charter is consistent with state law, only allowing amendments in accordance with state law.

Please click the link below to view the pre-amended charter. Article VI - "Initiative and Referendum" can be found on pages C8-C14.

Pre-Amended Charter (Article VI - "Initiative and Referendum")

To view the updated City Charter, please click the "Oskaloosa code of ordinances" link in red above.

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