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Rental Housing Inspection Program
Andrew Jensen
Development Services Director

Iowa Inspections, LLC
Contract Inspector

Development Services Dept:
Iowa Inspections:

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

In an effort to ensure the provision of safe and sanitary rental housing in Oskaloosa, the Oskaloosa City Council has established a Rental Housing Inspection Program that went into effect on July 1, 2017. This webpage is intended to provide important information to landlords as this program is implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following the public informational meetings for landlords leading up to program implementation, a document with responses to Frequently Asked Questions was created. Please follow the link to see the responses.


All housing units rented (or being offered for rent) within the Oskaloosa City limits must be registered with the City. Registration opened on July 1, 2017 and all units were required to be registered by August 1, 2017. However, the city has established a one month grace period during which no late fees will be assessed. After November 1, 2017, unregistered rental properties face a $50/day late fee up to a maximum of $500 per property.

The annual registration fee is $15 per unit. The
Rental Housing Registration Form must be submitted with along with the registration fee. The form and fee must be submitted in-person or by mail to the Oskaloosa Public Works facility at 804 South D Street.

Inspection Checklist

At the time of registration, landlords must verify that their properties meet the requirements outlined in the Rental Housing Inspection Checklist. If there are questions about applicability of the checklist, contact the Development Services Department.

Inspection Schedule

The baseline schedule for the inspection of all rental properties shall be once every three (3) years. As a benefit to compliant landlords, properties that pass the first inspection, with no noted concerns from the inspector, will not need to be inspected for another four years. Rental properties that require two or more inspections (three or more during the first three-year cycle) to pass and that receive multiple noted concerns from the inspector will need to be inspected every year until they pass on their first inspection. Those rental properties will then move to the standard inspection cycle.

City staff will contact landlords via mail with a notice to schedule the inspection of their rental properties. When landlords receive their notice, they will need to contact the contracted Rental Inspector. Iowa Inspections LLC is the city’s designated inspector and can be reached at  or by phone at 515-270-2449.

Inspections are expected to begin in September 2017.


The Oskaloosa City Council also passed Ordinance Number 1394, which establishes the Rental Housing Inspection Program Oskaloosa Municipal Code Chapter 15.60. To implement the program, the Oskaloosa City Council passed Resolution Number 17-02-23, which adopts the Rental Housing Inspection Administrative Policy.

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